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Intersections between Art, Magic, Technology & Religion.

Research archive of Dr. Emit Snake-Beings

Hear the original sound sources here: http://circuit47.com/music/ethnographic%20sound%20recordings/
Filmed at Hackney Hackspace
Special thanks to Lucia (feathercurls) for extra hands in filming.
Machines made by Emit Snake-Beings during 2017 & 2016 for Hull, UK city of culture.



Bingo-Splicer / Bingodisiac device

Prime numbers are selected randomly and displayed as dotmatrix. Sound is selected from seven internal Mp3 players. Voices, music, street recordings and collected sounds are fed into the bingo-splicer which then chops up the sounds into fragments. A nine step rhythm generator (Nine switches in a circle generating trigger beats) is fed into seven sound gates. Patterns are made from the trigger beats allowing short fragments of sounds to go through either left or right oscilloscopes and into the sound recorder.
Various layers have been recorded and edited.


Emit Snake-Beings has been making stuff from recycled materials since 1982, when he built a spring reverb machine from a loud speaker, a couch spring and a record pickup cartridge. As well as musical instruments and sound boxes he started a collection of coin operated electrical (interactive) Shrines in 1990 after failing to destroy the final shrine in a series of destructive artworks documented in the ritual-performance super 8mm film 'The Shrine' (see the 'Ethnographic Film' link above) or check out the 8mm photography -still images made from the video transfer of 8mm films. .


 Music Video made by Snake-Beings for Greg Locke's The Trons


Extensive sound archives of Snake-Beings can be heard on this website, in addition to many of the visual archives which have been collected on the way, some of which are created under the pseudonym 'Edward Godsmyth', and collaborative works under the name Karen Karnak, Bingodisiac and Circuit47. In 2016 Dr. Emit Snake-Beings was awarded a doctorate for his thesis exploring DiY [Do-it-Yourself] technologies and techno-animist approaches to material agency - Publications and research can also be viewed and read here, also documented in the form of journal articles and posters for performance events (click on the link to 'Research Portfolio' above).



Ethnographic film:


(Above) Sneak preview of creative processes documentary made for painter James Robinson.


Current project is a series of portraits of artists, exploring their creative practices and approaches to technology and art.


Interactive devices
DiY[do-it-yourself] experimental electronics is a large part of my work. Using Arduino I discovered that I could make quite complex sound making devices, including the Bingodizicator device (or numeralogical sound Masticator) on the interactive electronics page (see link below). I am currently working on a series of Arduino sensors to create a nine channel theremin-type unit to control a DiY analogue synthersizer i have built using a programmable Axoloti soundboard and miles and miles of wires... Various other interactive devices made by Dr Emit Snake-Beings are archived on this site, including the collection of over 30 coin-operated electrical shrines made between 1990 & 2001 and later devices using Arduino, Axoloti and Raspberry Pi technologies. There is also a collection of macromedia Flash interactive devices, such as the various cut-up and linguistic Masticators burried within the deeper realms of the archive. For a start you could try looking at the 'Interactive Diy Electronics page' or the 'Electrical shrines' page both under the 'Arte-Facts' tab above.


Death of an orchestra- Stop frame animation - Snakebeings 2006