Academic publications and research writings.

Snake-Beings, E. (2017).‘It’s on the tip of my Google’: Interactive performance and the non-totalising learning environment E-learning and New Media journal – Sage Publications Australia 2017-02 | journal-article URL:

Snake-Beings, E. (2016).The DiY ['Do it yourself'] Ethos: A participatory culture of material engagement 2016 | PhD dissertation - download here:

Snake-Beings, E. (2015). Trash aesthetics and the sublime: Strategies for visualising the unrepresentable within a landscape of refuse. New American Notes On-line, 7(The Aesthetics of Trash).

Snake-Beings, E. (2014). DiY participatory culture: Allowing space for inefficiency, error and noise. Acoustic Space #12 (Techno-Ecologies II), 37-46.

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Snake-Beings, E. (2010).The construction of Karen Karnak: The multi-author-function -Masters here:



Publications currently accepted for publication in 2017:

Techno-animism: The DiY (Do-it-Yourself) ethos, re-functioning and the engagement with ‘material media’ (Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, Australia)

Community of difference: the liminal spaces of the Bingodisiac Orchestra.
(Community music journal- Intellect Journals, UK)

The aesthetics of re-functioning: The Trons robot garage band. (Craft Research Journal - Intellect Journals, UK)

‘Machine-talk’: The Trons (Robot garage band) & Bingodisiac (Human noise orchestra). (Leonardo journal: MIT)


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As a new or emerging researcher my 2018 PBRF rating is expected to be a ‘B’ grade or above. I currently have 5 publications in peer-reviewed journals, two of which are ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade journals. In addition to this I have two other papers due for publication in 2017, accepted in ‘A’ grade journals and currently in various stages of review. For a full list of publications and other research outcomes please refer to my enclosed résumé.
Two of these works-in-progress are listed below explore approaches to human-material engagement:
Techno-animism: The DiY (Do-it-Yourself) ethos, re-functioning and the engagement with ‘material media’ (Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, Australia)
The entangled agencies of Maker-culture: art practice as an engagement with material forces. (working title) Abstract accepted – (Transformations Journal of Media & Culture).

My future plans include publication of a monograph exploring the innovative re-use of discarded technologies as part of the ‘material turn’ currently affecting media studies. I am currently pursuing potentials for generating data via interviews and practice-led research.