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Alchemical Pilgrimage 2002-2008



Super 8 Film transferred to video :
17 minutes.

Documents the pilgrimage of three monk-like figures as they make their way to the broadcasting antenna at the summit of Mount Te Aroha (north island New Zealand).


On arrival the 'pilgrims' perform a chaotic ritual utilising the 3 objects they have brought with them (a silver suit case containing strange alchemical gadgets, a radio antenna and an incense burner made from a VW hubcap).


Satisfied with the outcome of their Alchemical Ritual the monks return, closing the lid on the magical technology contained within the silver suit case.

Filmed in New Zealand Jan-April 2002

The 13 monks:
Simona Inkrot
Daniel Powell
Brother Nexlig
Andrew Gibbons
John Rawls
Geoffrey Burnet
Dave Surf
Niki Perestroika
Petra Jane(.com)
Joelle Walker
Gwendolyn Holmburg
Mr Kane Merry
Snake Beings

Showings to date:
Hamilton Fringe Festival June 2002
Dunedin Fringe Festival October 2002
Christchurch Creation venue Oct 2002
w/ Live Sound track by the
Kaosphere Orchestra
a 13 piece improvised line-up which works with a complex visual cue script.