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Ritual & performance

Various street performances and images from stills 1992-2011 Click on images to view.

Alchemical Monks - Stills from filming The Alchemical Pilgrimage


Deceptive Pudding - street performance in Coromandle Township medieval festival



Postal Shrines - a series of small shrines made and posted to the nine corners of the world (Hackney 1993

Shaman in Hackney downs - still images from a short film with Eva Katzenmaier

Warhol Ritual - Instalation room built in Hackney 1990 in 18th floor of cockroach towers E8.











deceptive pudding 3.jpg

deceptive pudding 4.jpg

deceptive pudding 5.jpg

filming alchemical pilgrimage.jpg

light bulb theatre.jpg

light bulb theatre 2.jpg

light bulb theatre 3.jpg

light bulb theatre 4.jpg

octpob 23.jpg

octpob 24.jpg

octpob 25.jpg

octpob 26.jpg

salt 3.jpg

salt 4.jpg

santa arson.jpg

santa arson 2.jpg

science event.jpg

science event 2.jpg

Shaman in hackney downs.jpg

Shaman in hackney downs 2.jpg

Shaman in hackney downs 3.jpg

Shaman in hackney downs 4.jpg

shrine destruction.jpg

shrine film 5.jpg

the shrine film.jpg

the shrine film 2.jpg

the shrine film 3.jpg

tibetan street theatre 3.jpg

tibet ritual.jpg

tibet ritual 2.jpg

warhol ritual.jpg

222222.jpgAlchemical monks.jpgAlchemical monks 2.jpgAlchemical monks 3.jpg
Alchemical monks 4.jpgAlchemical monks 5.jpgAlchemical monks 6.jpgAlchemical monks 7.jpg
Alchemical monks 8.jpgAlchemical monks 9.jpgAlchemical monks 10.jpgAlchemical monks 11.jpg
Alchemical monks 12.jpgAlchemical monks 13.jpgAlchemical monks 14.jpgBasement ritual.jpg
Basement ritual 2.jpgdeceptive pudding.jpgdeceptive pudding 2.jpgee monk.jpg
ee monk2.jpglondon hamilton.jpgmr e box.jpgOctpob.jpg
Octpob 2.jpgOctpob 3.jpgOctpob 4.jpgOctpob 5.jpg
postal shrines.jpgpostal shrines 2.jpgpostal shrines 3.jpgpostal shrines 4.jpg
postal shrines 5.jpgpostal shrines 6.jpgsalt and candels.jpgSCAN0086 (2).jpg
science show.jpgscience show 2.jpgscience show 3.jpgscience show 4.jpg
spain-nz.jpgst agathas.jpgst agathas 2.jpgtibetan street theatre.jpg
time.jpgtime 2.jpgtime 3 - shrine to professor Brainstorm.jpgtime 7.jpg
vending shrine set up.jpgwarhols ritual room.jpgwarhols ritual room 2.jpgwarhols ritual room 3.jpg
wendy hous egig.jpg