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Introduction: The Shrines of Snake-Beings.
º Shrine Factories of Santiago de Compostella
º The Merging of Occult Powers with Technology
º BingoDiziac Device
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb
º The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb 2
Inspired, during several extended travels in Spain and Mexico, by the diverse folk methods of Electrical Shrine Manufacture, Snake-Beings began researching the archives of the International Patents Office, unearthing a wealth of suppressed information on Religious Machinery.
Hidden among the designs for coin operated votive candle machines and electronic prayer carpets were the techniques and methods in which "Religious Frenzy" could be induced in an unsuspecting public.
The proposed mechanisms utilised ultra-sound, vibration machines subliminals and flicker devices, which operated at frequencies, designed to affect the psyches of the worshippers.

One repetitive detail in the numerous blueprints was the frequency generator, which operated at 25 HZ. This was reported as capable of inducing Religious Awe, and is coincidentally the frequency of a flickering Television Set, demonstrating that the gap between Religion and Science is slowly narrowing.
For Nine years the Nomadic Shrine Maker Snake-Beings has attempted to bring these "Invisible Technologies" into the public light for both research and practical Uusage.
The Shrines of Snake-Beings represent some of the results of this research, combined with the diversity of current belief systems based on the Religious Deities of the Modern World.
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